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The Creamsicle Slides That Remind Whitney of Her Favorite Fashion Pals

I want to hang out with them soon, preferably while wearing these.
Day Approach orange sandals, $467, available at By Far.

Day Approach orange sandals, $467, available at By Far.

I have a small group of girlfriends that I met at one of my earlier fashion internships in New York who still like to get together every few months or so. I like them largely because they're fun and funny and smart and empathetic and think about interesting things. But I also like that when we hang out together, we tend to really dress for the occasion, whether that means wearing fancy dresses to the ballet or just slipping on a pair of really cool jeans for a coffee date. It doesn't feel like an excessive pressure-to-look-good thing, which I sometimes feel with Fashion People. With these women, it feels like a chance to celebrate the more playful side of fashion, which is the reason I first fell in love with the whole thing.

These pals don't necessarily dress like me, but they're people whose style and taste I deeply trust, and any time I find a wardrobe piece that reminds me of any of them, I'm drawn to it. These orange sandals from By Far are the latest example: the creamsicle color reminds me of one time when we all showed up to a restaurant wearing a rainbow of solid colors that looked so good together it seemed planned. And the silhouette of this shoe, too, is something I could see us all getting excited about in a group chat. Add to that the fact that this sandal was made in a responsible factory using deadstock leather — fulfilling my personal desire that things be ethically made — and you have a sandal that gives me all kinds of good vibes.

Day Approach orange sandals, $467, available at By Far.

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