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People All Over the World Are Searching to Shop Fake Supreme Online

A new study shows that replicas of the streetwear brand's pieces are the most-searched requests globally, along with a growing interest in counterfeit fashion in the U.S.
So much Supreme. Photo: @fedez/Instagram

So much Supreme. Photo: @fedez/Instagram

Though major fashion brands and retailers have taken plenty of steps against fake goods being sold online, that hasn't stopped consumers from looking for them on the internet. According to a new study from SEMrush, a research service firm for online marketing, global search interest for fashion-related replicas and fakes in the United States alone has been on the rise over the past 24 months, with a sharp skyrocketing jump from July through October 2017 by a whopping 500-plus percent. SEMrush notes that the U.S. is currently the top country most interested in counterfeit items, followed by the UK and Germany.

Research also shows that Supreme is the most-searched request globally when it comes to fakes or replicas, followed by Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin. But the idea of copping a Supreme BOGO rep is nothing new, as streetwear already holds a strong counterfeit culture community. Highsnobiety has released documentaries highlighting the fashion black markets in Seoul and Moscow, while Complex extensively investigated the trillion-dollar bootleg industry. Even still, certain knockoff items can sometimes feel more authentic than an authentic brand-name piece.

Perhaps the sudden spike in searches for fake Supreme correlates to the streetwear brand's boost in mainstream consumerism, especially surrounding its surprise collaboration with Louis Vuitton; the range was revealed on the runway in January 2017 and arrived in select pop-up locations at the end of June, resulting in rebounding sales for LVMH. Plus, celebrity affiliations have also helped: The brand's signature red logo has been spotted on almost everyone across the Hollywood spectrum, from North West to Justin Bieber to "Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D.

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Can we determine if these Supreme placements are original or fake? No. In the end, it seems like no one would really care anyway.

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