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Whitney May Have Finally Found a Wicker Purse That Fits Her Aesthetic

Not too big, not too small and just beachy enough.
Elena handbag, $205, available at Accompany

Elena handbag, $205, available at Accompany

When I see wicker purses on other people, I quite often think they're cute. Look how beachy! Look how tropical! But I'm rarely drawn to purchase one of them myself, for a number of reasons. First, despite growing up in the Philippines, a country made up of 7,000 islands, my style doesn't exactly scream Beach Gal — nor do I want it to. And second, many wicker purses seem to fall into one of two very distinct categories: beach-tote-sized monstrosities or way too tiny. I've said it a million times: If a bag isn't big enough to carry a novel, it isn't big enough.

That said, this handbag from Kayu might be about to cure my wicker bag aversion. From the on-model picture, it appears to be large enough to carry at least the (admittedly not very big) paperback I'm currently reading — "The Grass is Singing" by Doris Lessing, thanks for asking — but it still comes across more as a handbag than as something you'd try to fit a towel in. Of course, the fact that it was made by Filipino artisans (and is sold on one of my favorite ethical e-commerce sites Accompany) doesn't hurt either. It may be time for me to give this whole wicker thing a shot.

Elena handbag, $205, available at Accompany

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