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This Is the Only Lingerie Whitney Consistently Gets Excited About

I never cared all that much about underwear until I met Lonely.
Gigi underwire bra, $80, available at Lonely.

Gigi underwire bra, $80, available at Lonely.

The number of womenswear brands that claim their products are inherently "empowering" is so high that I can hardly keep track of them all. And yet I, a human woman who spends all day looking at fashion branding and wearing clothing, rarely feel like those messages of empowerment actually translate into the garments or imagery brands put forward.

New Zealand-based label Lonely is perhaps my one exception. Out of all the things in my wardrobe, the sets of Lonely lingerie that I have are probably the most adept at lifting my mood and making me feel better about my body when I wear them. Blame extremely flattering design; blame marketing imagery that makes normal bodies look somehow aspirational; blame the fact that I know Lonely prioritizes ethical manufacturing But whatever it is, it gets me more excited than underwear ever has before. I'd love to add this supportive-but-still-breezy underwire to my roster next.

Gigi underwire bra, $80, available at Lonely.

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