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31 Super-Cute One-Piece Swimsuits for Every Body

Yes, that means you!
Photo: Aerie

Photo: Aerie

Of all the old-school trends that were primed for a modern comeback, one-piece swimsuits seemed most ripe for a makeover. Think about it: Those bell-bottoms your mom wore in 1972 are majorly on-trend by current-day standards, and the vintage mules you thrifted last weekend didn't need so much as a resole — but the bathing suits of decades past? Let's just say there's a reason why they don't often find their way into the present.

Here's the deal: Even in recent years, most one-piece swimsuits were either too conservative, too "Baywatch" or way too boring to compel us to add to cart. And finding one in any size other than super-small usually meant sticking to snoozy black options with very questionable ruffles or ruching. But these days, designers have reimagined the maillot silhouette in styles that are equally refreshing and subtly flattering (if that's what you’re going for), so it's about time we realize they’re no longer reserved for the captain of the water polo team and the sun-adverse. 

Now that spring is finally here, along with the warmer weather comes the much-awaited seasonal wardrobe swap — meaning it's time to take full stock of your swimsuit collection. With that in mind, we found 31 pieces of proof that damn good one-piece swimsuits can come in every size, for every body type. Ahead, find a mix of full-coverage styles, sexy, high-cut silhouettes (and everything in between) that are so good, they just might survive a few trend cycles.

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