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So, Tube Tops Are a Thing Again

And we're actually pretty psyched about it.
Orseund Iris Tube Top, $195, available here. 

Orseund Iris Tube Top, $195, available here

Think back to 1999: It was a magical time of boy bands, iridescent lip gloss, rhinestone-studded belts and similarly unfortunate fashion trends that somehow keep finding their way back into the modern zeitgeist, among other things.

But in addition to the welcomed resurgence of '90s staples like banana clips and logo-mania, there's one trend we’re secretly excited to see making a comeback: tube tops. Yep, you read that correctly: Those tiny strips of fabric your parents absolutely forbid you to buy — let alone wear outside the house lest anyone catch sight of your midriff — are on the upswing, and we’re not mad about it. (This is where we remind you that trends are cyclical, everything old is new again, etc. etc.)

The revival shouldn’t come as much of a surprise: Square necklines have been all over the spring runways (see: Rodarte, Dior, Hermès) as a modern update to the V- or scoop-neck, and it's translated into warm-weather wares quite easily.

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Here's the catch: The 2018 version of a tube top isn't anything like 1999's. In fact, sometimes it's not even a true tube top at all: Forget about those flimsy, plastic band-lined tops you’d buy in bulk at 5-7-9, and instead, think structured silhouettes, thoughtful construction, playful patterns and long-line designs — sometimes with a bustier-build, or complete with barely there straps.

These days, you can style yours over a contrasting turtleneck or poplin shirt, or on its own with high-waist denim or a blazer-dress once spring finally shows its face. Ahead, 21 tube tops, bandeau tops and bustiers to shop while you wait not-so-patiently for spring.