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Tell Us: Do PR Mailings and Social Media Stunts Make You Want to Go Shopping?

Take our quick survey to let us know if influencer placements really do work.

Although we sometimes have the option to skip past ads on YouTube or hit the "Mute" button while streaming our favorite shows on Hulu, influencer marketing is a little trickier to ignore. Those little nuggets of consumerism are everywhere — brand-tagged mirror selfies, travel pics and the occasional gifting/unboxing post from a fashion editor — and while some are disclosed, others are not.

Plenty of our own Editors' Picks are the result of seeing an item on an influencer or in one of our street style galleries from fashion month. And now that online marketing platforms are making it easier for almost anyone to be an influencer, the ubiquity of #sponsored content, #ad posts and paid partnerships is only going to continue growing and evolving.

So we at Fashionista have been wondering: Do PR mailings, social media stunts and influencer placements make you, the consumer, really, actually want to go shopping? Did the KKW Beauty Kimoji chocolate hearts that were cracking open everywhere on Instagram Stories this January drive you to purchase a bottle of "Bae" on Valentine's Day? Or how about buying a new jacket, dress, handbag, etc. that your favorite influencer was raving about (or wearing) online? Take our quick survey right here to let us know if these placements really do work — and pass it along to your friends, too! We'll share the results of your responses soon.

Click here to take Fashionista's survey about PR mailings, social media stunts and influencer placements.

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