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We've had our fair share of Nor'easters dumping loads of snow in New York over the past few months, and at this point, we're itching to get our hands on heaps of warm-weather goodies. Thankfully, it's officially spring and the time has finally come for us to snatch up the cropped, short-sleeved, toe-baring pieces that our bundled-up selves have been dreaming of all winter long. 

This particular spring, we're saving up our well-earned cash for round Chanel sunnies, some pretty pink sandals, lightweight outerwear and loads of new beauty and body-care products. As per usual, our lists are filled with some aspirational items, because why not?

Click through to see what Fashionista editors are buying — and lusting after — for spring.

Alyssa Vingan Klein, Editor in Chief 

Dhani Mau, West Coast Editor 

Tyler McCall, Deputy Editor 

Maura Brannigan, Senior Editor 

Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Editor 

Maria Bobila, Associate Editor 

Whitney Bauck, Assistant Editor

Dara Prant, Editorial Assistant 

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