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We're Getting Real About Racial Inclusivity in Fashion at Our NYC Conference

Join us and a panel of industry experts on June 15.
Julee Wilson, Gilleon Smith and Brandice Daniel. Photos: Courtesy

Julee Wilson, Gilleon Smith and Brandice Daniel. Photos: Courtesy

Sure, the fashion industry has made some slow strides when it comes to putting more people of color on runways, in ad campaigns and in magazines. But brands and publications continue to make missteps, whether it's obvious tokenism, putting white models in blackface or cornrows, tone-deaf copy or any number of other snafus. There's certainly grey area around what's racist and what's simply misguided, but one thing is very clear: The fashion industry needs more people of color in powerful positions, whether it's the top of a masthead or the creative helm of a design house.

At our sixth annual How to Make It in Fashion conference in NYC on June 15, our West Coast Editor Dhani Mau will be moderating a discussion with prominent people of color in the industry, including: Essence Fashion & Beauty Director Julee Wilson, casting specialist Gilleon Smith, CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row Brandice Daniel and designer Azede Jean-Pierre. We'll discuss their experiences navigating the industry and what work is left to do when it comes to making real, permanent improvements in diversity and getting more people of color a seat at the table.

If you want to hear their insights, ask our panelists some of your own questions and pick up a few career tips along the way, get your tickets today. From panels on sustainability, fashion law and building a beauty brand, to talks with Laura Brown and Robin Givhan, to one-on-one mentoring, we've got a whole lot planned and you don't want to miss it!

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