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Maura Is Finally Replacing Her Old Madewell Sandals With These New Madewell Sandals

The time has come.
The Boardwalk Crossover Sandal, $59.50, available at Madewell.

The Boardwalk Crossover Sandal, $59.50, available at Madewell.

About four years ago, I decided it was time to Be a Grown-Up and procure a pair of sandals that were not Birkenstocks. It was nothing against my trusty Arizonas, of course — I just wanted to switch it up a bit. So, I bought a pair of long-since-discontinued, buttery-brown, two-strap sandals from Madewell. As I've been known to do, I wore them to literal shreds, leading me to (very sadly) get rid of them during my recent KonMari explosion earlier this spring. 

In scouring Madewell for their successor, I discovered these — the Boardwalk Crossover Sandal — which tick off just about every box imaginable. They're flat and presumably very comfortable, with two thick straps allowing for plenty of support for those summer weekends spent wandering around town in search of ice cream. They're also easy to slip in and out of, a huge plus for trips to the beach on my bike. They also have a little bit of that vintage feel, reminding me of a pair of decades-old sandals my dad still wears from a trip to Australia.

See? Every box. My Birks are quaking in their suede footbed. 

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The Boardwalk Crossover Sandal, $59.50, available at Madewell.

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