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Yellow Wasn't a Sexy Color Until It Met Angela Sarafyan

Who needs red or black to be alluring?
Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If you're looking for a sexy color, yellow is probably not your first pick. Evocative though it may be, yellow tends to make us think of joy — because sunshine! because buttercups! because baby ducks! — and joy and sexiness, though both positive qualities, aren't always seen as obviously connected. But Angela Sarafyan's silky yellow Rasario dress, worn to the "Sharp Objects" premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, proves that the two qualities can very easily coexist.

With a covered-up neckline, a not-overly-high slit and long sleeves, Sarafyan's dress wasn't particularly skin-baring. But the slim fit through the torso created an hourglass silhouette that was body-conscious without trying too hard. Paired with Sarafyan's natural-looking makeup, sleek hair and simple black accessories, the whole aura was alluring while being a bit unexpected. Yellow, consider your sexiness powers officially acknowledged. 

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