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Maria Is Adding This Transparent PVC Tote to Her Vacation Packing List

Hoping it'll help me breeze right through airport security.
Genuine People Transparent PVC Tote, $60, available here.

Genuine People Transparent PVC Tote, $60, available here.

When it comes to traveling, I am quite the planner. I'll create a Google map of places to go and things to see, based on plenty of research; I'll send an email to my parents beforehand with a complete breakdown of my whereabouts; and I'll keep track of everything that I've done each day for the entire trip.

One thing that I'm not very good at when it comes to going on vacation, however, is packing. Seriously, ask my fiancé, who's witnessed me pulling all-nighters and staring at an empty suitcase hours before we need to leave for a flight. With a few weeks left until my next trip, I aim to do things differently this time around. I'll keep a list of what exactly I'll need to pack — starting with this Genuine People transparent PVC tote — and I'll stick to it.

I've been wanting to give the clear handbag trend a try for a while now, and this roomy bag will be perfect for stocking up on magazines and snacks for my long connecting flights. (Maybe I will breeze right through airport security, too.) When it comes to spending a week and a half in a city overseas, I'll likely swap my tote for this smaller, stylish version with a tortoise-shell handle, making sure to only leave my Airbnb with the essentials: phone, wallet, passport and a camera. Perhaps for my next trip, I'll upgrade to Off-White and Rimowa's transparent carry-on.

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Genuine People Transparent PVC Tote, $60, available here

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