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Look, It's Your Two Faves Posing Together in Pink and Glitter

This tour is going to be fun!

The Instagram age has brought about a particular phenomenon in which, every now and then, a photograph surfaces of two famous people that everyone loves, who aren't normally pictured together, are pictured together. This prompts us to lose our minds because, what did they talk about? What was their body language? Were there snacks present? Social media has made us expect these answers while also fueling the mystique surrounding celebrity in general. In this essay, I will... about how great this picture is of favorites of yours and mine, Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves, backstage in Dallas on Tuesday. Musgraves is, of course, opening for Styles during the U.S. dates of his current world tour, the first show of which took place on Tuesday night. (Musgraves told Elton John — what a flex — on his Apple Music Beats 1 radio show that Styles asked her personally to join him for this leg.) Individually, Styles wore a bespoke pink Alexander McQueen suit with flower embroidery, while Musgraves wore a glitter bodysuit with, as a tribute, Kate Spade glitter boots. Together, the pair looked cozy and coordinated as hell, like two old, photogenic friends posing for an Instagram photo that will, inevitably, be captioned, "Last night with this one."

May the rest of their joint tour dates allow for similarly matching on-stage looks and snug post-show pictures. This tour is going to be fun.

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