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Paris Hilton and Boohoo Are Collaborating On the Early-2000s Fashion Collection You've Been Waiting For

It will be available worldwide on June 20.
That's hot. Paris Hilton for Boohoo. Photo:              Charlotte Rutherford

That's hot. Paris Hilton for Boohoo. Photo: Charlotte Rutherford

There's no comeback quite like a fashion comeback, and right now, it's time for Paris Hilton to shine — sparkly tiara and all.

On Monday, Boohoo announced an upcoming collection co-designed by the famous heiress and entrepreneur, which will be available worldwide on June 20. The 70-piece range is inspired by Hilton's fashion heyday throughout the early aughts and her Beverly Hills hometown; think slinky metallic dresses, bold animal prints, palm motifs and lots of pink. Each item will cost less than $100, and the British online retailer also has plans to throw a launch party in Los Angeles. (If only Les Deux was still around for the occasion.)

The reality-star-turned-DJ-hobbyist's revival has been slowly brewing within the fashion zeitgeist for a while. Perhaps it started with her runway cameo for Philipp Plein in 2016, or Kendall Jenner's sartorial shoutout during the model's 21st birthday, only to be amplified by a profile piece in Harper's Bazaar and an even bigger feature in W Magazine.

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Over the past couple of years, we have solidified Hilton as the ultimate guru behind all early-2000s fashion trends, as well as the pioneering inventor of the selfie and a particular two-word phrase that will likely turn into a "Jeopardy" answer worth at least $500 — and, thanks to Boohoo, will be emblazoned in crystals on a hot pink one-piece later this month.

See more of Hilton's collaboration campaign with Boohoo in the gallery below.

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