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The Leopard-Print Skirt Maria Hopes to Own When It's Finally Not Sold Out

Even a restock sells out in one day.
Réalisation Par The Naomi - Wild Things, $180, available here.

Réalisation Par The Naomi - Wild Things, $180, available here.

When the seasons change, my shoppies start raging. So you can imagine the urge I felt to revamp my entire wardrobe once the days truly started to feel like summer. Since I started doing a shopping cleanse during the holidays, I've managed to rewire my brain before making impulsive purchases. I take a good hard look at my wardrobe and assess what exactly it is that I need, which helps me turn down the sudden desire to buy yet another T-shirt. One thing that I am lacking in the outfit department, however, is a midi skirt, and the one that I've had my eye on for some time is a leopard print version from Réalisation Par.

Turns out that this skirt is on the minds of a lot of people because it's always, always sold out. Even a restock sells out in one day. To make matters worse, I see this skirt on influencers all over Instagram — not a surprise, as this label is beloved by many among the social media set — and one time, while getting off a subway stop, I spotted a woman on a bench wearing said skirt with a bootleg Gucci sweatshirt and Vans. I, too, own a similar sweatshirt and Vans, so I, too, could wear that exact ensemble if I could just manage to nab myself The Skirt.

Anyway, here's to hoping I'll get my hands on one before the summer is over. 

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Réalisation Par The Naomi - Wild Things, $180, available here.

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