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11 Detanglers Curly-Hair Experts Swear By

Later, knots.
Photo: @ouidad/Instagram

Photo: @ouidad/Instagram

In an ideal world, the days of struggling to comb through a head full of tangles would have been left way back when your mom was doing the brushing. But here in real world, stubborn, knotty hair is one hair woe just about everyone — with any kind of texture — still has to deal with.  But with a little patience and a great detangling product, there are virtually no snarls, twists or tangles that stand a chance.

"The ideal detangler will provide a ton of slip to make detangling both easier and faster," says Deanna Brown, junior stylist at the DevaChan Salon in New York City, which specializes in curly and wavy hair types. "The easier it is for you to move through the hair, the less chance of breakage and your detangler should assist with this process."

With that in mind, we tested out a handful of oils, sprays, conditioners and treatments — all claiming to work miracles on knotted, unruly hair — and landed on 12 of the best, ranging in price from $4 to $48. Check them out in the gallery below.

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