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Dhani Can't Stop Buying Short-Sleeve Button Downs Like This One

There are currently three on their way to me and I have a problem.
Everlane linen notch short-sleeve shirt, $58, available here.

Everlane linen notch short-sleeve shirt, $58, available here.

When I think about my shopping tendencies, there is a pattern, which is that when I decide I really like a certain style of something, I buy several — whether it's black ankle-strap heels or striped shirts. It usually begins with wanting something specific and having a hard time finding it; then, seemingly out of nowhere, a bunch of options appear and I feel I have to buy them all, like it's this rare moment when the market and my personal tastes overlap that may never occur again in my lifetime.

Right now, it's short-sleeve button downs. For years, when spring would roll around, I'd think about how great it would be to have a nice short-sleeve button down, like it was this one item that would finally make my wardrobe complete. With the exception of the occasional Hawaiian shirt, they've been hard to come by, until recently. In the past two weeks, I've purchased three (expecting to return at least one), but I have the highest hopes for this one from Everlane. It's made of breathable linen so it won't feel too precious and I'll be able to wear it all summer long; the pink stripes are fun but still neutral; and it has a subtle '80s preppiness to it that I appreciate.

I'm sure this is all I'll need, but if you see any other cute short-sleeve button downs out there, hit me up.

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Everlane linen notch short-sleeve shirt, $58, available here.

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