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Sasha Lane Makes a Strong Case for the Wearability of These Fluffy Pink Ugg Slides

Clearly she was the right choice to star in Ugg's latest campaign.
Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Ugg

Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Ugg

On Tuesday night, I trekked to Venice for dinner with Ugg and actress/sometimes model/always cool girl Sasha Lane to celebrate her new campaign for the fuzzy shoe purveyors. Before dinner, I perused some of the Fall 2018 styles on display around the dinner table and let's just say I was skeptical, particularly of a pair of fluffy pink slingback sandals with a low platform — until I saw Lane wearing them.

Wearing a very simple monochromatic top and pants by Nanushka, the matching blush slides made for a pretty ideal, cozy-chic look. Lane and the innate chill, self-possessed vibes she radiates might have a lot to do with her ability to pull them off, but she made me see them in a new, more wearable light. (As for the brand's thigh-high Y/Project boots, the verdict's still out.)

Ultimately, it was her job to do so, and she nailed it — both at dinner and in the just-released Fall 2018 campaign in which she stars alongside other California-based cool creatives like musician Clementine Creevy and photographer Zackery Michael. You can peep that below, and if you, too, have been influenced by Lane's footwear, shop those fluffy slides here.

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