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Report: Tonne Goodman, Phyllis Posnick Stepping Down From 'Vogue'

The veteran editors — fashion director and executive fashion editor, respectively — are reportedly set to take on reduced roles.
Saoirse Ronan on "Vogue," August 2018. Photo: Jamie Hawkesworth/"Vogue"

Saoirse Ronan on "Vogue," August 2018. Photo: Jamie Hawkesworth/"Vogue"

No publication is exempt from the game of top-level musical chairs facing the editorial world today — not even Vogue

On Friday, Business of Fashion reported that, per sources, two of the Condé Nast fashion mainstay's most veteran editors will be stepping down: Fashion Director Tonne Goodman and Executive Fashion Editor Phyllis Posnick. Both Goodman and Posnick are reportedly set to "continue to work with Vogue in some capacity" and take on reduced roles at the magazine, similar to the duties Grace Coddington took on during her own exit in 2016.

A Vogue spokesperson declined to comment.

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Additionally, West Coast Editor Lisa Love will also leave Vogue to take on what BoF called a "new corporate role."

Goodman, Posnick and Love have all spent decades with the publication: Goodman has held her title since she joined Vogue in 2000; Posnick in 1987; and Love in 1990. To lose three of the masthead's longest-serving talents signifies what could be start of a new chapter — or in magazine speak, issue — for the Anna Wintour-led (and newly-Air Jordan-clad) title.

We'll update this post as we learn more.

Note: This story has been updated to include comment from Vogue. 

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