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The Perfect Plaid Pants Maura Wants to Wear to Usher in Fall

Pair these with ankle boots and a tee, and we're in business.
Anine Bing Cindy Pant, $229, available here.

Anine Bing Cindy Pant, $229, available here.

For my last Editors' Pick, I waxed poetic about a pair of very high-waisted sailor-style jeans from dreamy, Los Angeles-based retailer Dôen. I guess pants — and notably fun pants — are on my mind, because as I sat down to write this week's Editors' Pick (wearing those very same Dôen pants), my cursor clicked away to one thing, and one thing only, as if in independent control of itself: Anine Bing's green plaid Cindy Pant, which is (are?) slightly cropped, faintly flared and occupying quite a lot of my brain space at the moment. 

I've been wanting to spruce up my trouser assortment for a while, if only because I generally gravitate toward the same ol' Levi's and well, kids, I think it's time to expand the family. At the top of that list are plaid pants, not simply because I think they can be incredibly versatile (these would look excellent with creams, browns and oranges, particularly), but also because, for all their eccentricities, they're pretty timeless. Mick Jagger, as we know, loved a plaid suit since the 1960s, and if that's not indication enough for you, then I don't really know what to tell you. 

I'd love to get a pair just in time for fashion month and will restrain myself from wearing them every day of the week — which is admittedly a tough act, when you purelenjoy a piece of clothing so much.

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Anine Bing Cindy Pant, $229, available here.

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