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Whitney May Buy Hoops for the First Time Since the Aughts

It's all about barbed wire, baby.
Large barbed wire hoops, $123, available here.

Large barbed wire hoops, $123, available here.

Yes, I am aware that hoop earrings have been back for quite a while now, and no, I still have not replenished my jewelry stores to their hoop-filled mid-aughts glory. There's no real reason for my resistance, especially as I wear earrings almost every day — it may have more to do with my ambivalence about jumping on trend bandwagons than anything else. But I recently came across a pair of hoops good enough to shake me out of my earring malaise.

When meeting up with Babeo Baggins (or B.B. for short), a musician I was photographing for a story written by my Fashionista colleague Maria, I was really struck by her jewelry. B.B. was wearing hoops and a choker that looked like they were made of barbed wire, and something about the combination of a typically femme form with the tough-as-nails look of barbed wire really appealed to me. A few days later, an Instagram hole led me to Blessed Poppy, an independent jewelry artist in Quebec, and I suddenly knew what pair of earrings deserved to be my first after a very long hoop hiatus. Maybe I'll even follow those up with the choker, as long as I can figure out how to wear it without feeling like Ethan Hawke's character in the critically-acclaimed film "First Reformed" (if you know, you know; if you don't, watch the trigger-warning deserving scene I'm talking about at your own risk).

Large barbed wire hoops, $123, available here.

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