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Does Whitney Just Want This Dress Because She's in Los Angeles Right Now?

Not sure how this will look to my New York eyes once I'm back in the Big Apple, but for now I want it.
Christy Dawn Piper Dress, $212, available here.

Christy Dawn Piper Dress, $212, available here.

If I ever had any illusion that my style just arises from deep within the core of my being in a way that is impervious to the influence of anything around me, that illusion disappears when I travel. It's not that I'm a chameleon whose style completely mirrors whatever's around me — it doesn't — but when I find myself in new locales, I do find more hidden elements of my taste emerging. 

Right now I'm in Los Angeles, and I can't decide if the reason I want this dress is because I'd want it anywhere or because I'm in a city that makes me want to lean into my more femme side. It's not even that this dress typifies LA style to me! It just feels like the kind of thing that I personally would find lovely to wear in a land of sunshine and beach-proximity and funky flora. Plus, it's made by a based-in-LA company called Christy Dawn, which makes all their pieces ethically and locally using deadstock fabric. So, would this translate back into my gritty, slightly more punk-infused New York style once I get home? Not sure yet, but for now, I'll dream about an alternate reality in which the LA-dwelling version of me wears this every weekend.

Christy Dawn Piper Dress, $212, available here.

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