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Fashionista Launches Curated INSIDERS Network

Yes, micro-influencers are the name of the game.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

The influencer scene is crowded – and considering the fact that we all live and breathe right here on the internet, you don't have to tell us that twice. The craziness of it all has somehow evolved into an AI-powered world with CGI influencers, and the followers (and bots!) just keep on coming. 

That said, they're not going anywhere and we at Fashionista pride ourselves on being first to cover up-and-coming "It" girls, and have chosen to put those skills to good use. We were among the first to cover Gigi Hadid as she began walking runways; we chatted with the adorable Atlanta-bred Reese Blutstein of @double3xposure before she was sitting front row at every fashion show; and, of course, we have routinely been keeping an eye on (and may have predicted) the rise of Victoria's Secret models like Taylor Hill and Grace Elizabeth

The INSIDERS seal of approval.

The INSIDERS seal of approval.

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So, with that in mind, we created our own newly-launched INSIDERS Network. This private network is curated with about 40 "It" girls, entrepreneurs, body-positive street-style stars, beauty gurus and more at the micro-influencer level. We're continuously building out each niche, but also working to make sure our clients can partner with truly unique personalities – while getting the results and engagement in the social community that they want to achieve.

With musical talent like Alice Longyu Gao, personal trainer Hannah Davis and street-style star Kelly Augustine, we have a broad range of talents on board – and much, much more to come. 

To see the full site, reach out to us via email at to receive access and to discuss joint INSIDERS and CoLab partnerships. If you want to see if you can be part of the network, please email and we'll notify you if your qualifications match.

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