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Jordyn Woods on Her Social Media-Fueled Activewear Venture, Secndnture

And taking Instagram marketing advice from her best friend Kylie Jenner.
Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

You almost don't even need to see Jordyn Woods's new activewear line, Secndnture, launching online Thursday, to know that it's going to sell. The Insta-famous 20-year-old model has over 6 million followers of her own, and the handle for Secndnture amassed 30,000 within its first 24 hours of existence — thanks to a few sneak peeks shared by herself and some equally influential friends. In today's era of Instagram and influencer brands having an immediate leg up over those without a massive social media presence, Woods has a very good chance of doing well, just as long as she puts out something of interest to her loyal followers.

We met on Wednesday afternoon after she'd spent much of the morning posting images from the campaign and details on a giveaway, partially because of advice from her famous best friend, Kylie Jenner. 

"As of two days ago, I hadn't posted anything, so Kylie was like, 'You need to blow up Instagram. You want me to go on your phone and post?' I was like, 'Calm down, I'll do it.'"

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

Woods fully acknowledges and understands how crucial Instagram is and will continue to be to her career — "Instagram is how I've been able to promote the brand fully and let people know that it's coming and it's crazy that Instagram is such a huge thing," she says — but she's also dedicated herself to creating something of value that she's genuinely passionate about.

"At the end of last year, I went through a lot of different things and I lost my dad; working out became my therapy and through working out I realized that there was a huge demand for quality activewear that wasn't going to break the bank," she explains. "I wanted to create an activewear line and then you put things out into the universe. I told my mom who manages me and my talent management and they found Instaco."

Instaco is a division of a larger apparel manufacturing company that focuses on developing lines in partnership with influencers like Woods. "I wanted to partner with someone that I could execute my vision with properly as well as have full creative direction, so they seemed like the best [one] to go with," she says. In the past, Woods has collaborated with other brands like Boohoo (and her collab with Kylie Cosmetics is due out soon), but this marks the first time she's launched her own product.

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

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Woods had a few priorities that are represented in the final collection: "I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone and every body type, as well as creating a size-inclusive line and something of good quality," she explains. The line is available in sizes XS to 2X and priced between $45-$79. While browsing the products on a poolside rack (Woods was gearing up to host a private lunch and workout session with some of her famous pals), I was impressed by the quality given the price point. Woods says she handpicked the fabrics herself and conceived a first-of-its kind (she thinks) pair of leggings with a waist trainer built in.

Aesthetically, the retro-inspired, brightly-colored tracksuits, sports bras, leggings, bike shorts and bodysuits are all things you could envision her and her social media-savvy friends wearing around Los Angeles — both in and out of the gym. 

Woods says that, among her friends, she's the one who motivates everyone to work out. "And I think simply through me being so consistent and posting Instagram videos of me working out, I've inspired a lot more people than just my friends to work out," she says. "I know some people my mom's age had told her, 'We watch Jordyn's workout videos all the time; we're inspired by her." Woods's favorites include SoulCycle, hot pilates and sessions with her trainer. "I don't like to work out alone, just because I get bored really fast. That's why I like to take a class or do a training session." She also says she's "low-key competitive."

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

Secndnture by Jordyn Woods. Photo: Courtesy

That said, the line isn't only made to work out in. Woods prioritizes comfort and versatility when getting dressed in the morning since she doesn't really know what she'll end up doing that day; she even suggests wearing pieces like the tracksuits out to the club. "I feel like people made it cool to wear sweats to the club whereas I looked at the fashion five years ago and it was not socially acceptable to wear sweats all day," she says. "Now there's so many streetwear brands where it's cool if you're wearing the new Off-White sweats out." 

In the future, Woods feels Secndnture has the potential to become a full lifestyle brand and will use feedback from social media to help determine how it will evolve. "I'm always open to different criticism and opinions and that's how you create a better brand," she says. "This is our first launch ever so I'm excited to see what people have to say."

Woods is understandably confident that the line will do well. "We've gotten 14k followers just within the past three hours," she says when I bring up how big the Secndnture account has gotten already, but social media is not the only reason. "I think naturally it's gonna work out. Ultimately, I'm doing this for myself and it's something I love to do and I feel like when you do things out of actually loving to do it, it works out."

See more images from her campaign below.

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