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The Rose Gold Signet Ring Alyssa Just Added to Her Permanent Collection

When I buy a piece of jewelry, I almost never take it off — and this will likely be no exception.

For reasons I can't quite explain, I look at jewelry purchases in a similar way that I do piercings and tattoos (both of which I have several): They're permanent (or, at least, semi-permanent) adornments to my body that I don't take likely, or drop cash on without serious consideration. As a result, my jewelry collection is quite small. The gold and diamond earrings that fill the dozen holes in my ears were meticulously designed and curated by the inimitable J. Colby Smith over the course of many years, and can't be removed without the help of a tool — and a professional who knows how to use it. Aside from my wedding and engagement rings, the rest of my repertoire consists of little more than a gold locket my grandmother gifted to me as a child and a few stacks of delicate, mixed-tone gold rings that I've slowly acquired from Catbird's Brooklyn storefront. 

While I admire trendy costume jewelry on others, I've never been one to play around with it myself. Recently I've been looking to update my everyday jewels by adding a piece that makes a bit of a statement, but that also fits in with my collection so well it could have been there all along. I came across this Leo Black signet ring early on in my search, and it was love at first sight. Yes, signet rings — especially of the pinky variety — are currently trending, but they're classic and easily personalized, which are factors that make it a worthy investment. Plus, the rose gold finish accents my skin tone, and though it's more substantial than the rest of the thin bands I pile on my right hand, it won't look at all out of place. 

I've already taken the plunge and ordered this piece engraved with an "A," so as soon as it arrives in a couple of weeks, it's unlikely that you'll ever spot me without it.

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