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Whitney's New T-Shirt Might Turn Her Into a Collector

Meet my first (but probably not last!) #fashiontheology purchase.
Meek tee, $48, available here

Meek tee, $48, available here

I was doing research on environmentally conscious streetwear brands when I first came across this T-shirt from Noah, a label started by Brendon Babenzien, the former creative director of Supreme. Anyone who knows me knows I love exploring the intersections of fashion and religion, so finding a streetwear brand that was literally quoting the Beatitudes kinda made my day. Still, I'm the opposite of an impulse shopper, so I sat on my discovery for a few months before finally trekking over to Noah's store in SoHo to try on the shirt in person.

This week, I finally did so, and decided to pull the trigger for a number of reasons. The most superficial, perhaps, is that I like the idea of starting to collect clothing items that represent my obsession with #fashiontheology. (The only other things in this collection so far are patches for my denim jacket, and while I've long salivated over Fear of God, let's be honest: Noah's more in my price range.) On another level, though, I love what this shirt is referencing. To use Noah's explanation from a blog post about the shirt, "the 'meek'... represents the poor, downtrodden and overlooked." A vision of the world in which those are the people who "inherit the Earth" — rather than the privileged and the wealthy continuing to come out on top forever and ever amen — is a vision that seems anti-establishment to me in the very best way. I look forward to being reminded of that vision every time I wear this.

Meek tee, $48, available here

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