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Maria Needs 2 Pairs of These NSFW Socks

There's a backstory to this, okay?
Mother Matched Women's Socks Mother F@cker, $40 for 2-pack, available here.

Mother Matched Women's Socks Mother F@cker, $40 for 2-pack, available here.

Ever since Gucci sent a pair of high-end tube socks down the runway a few years ago, I've been low-key obsessed with fashion socks. As someone who wears sneakers every day, stocking up on socks is also a necessity. Before, I used to just go for very simple ankle socks, but recently, I've been drawn to fun statement socks, like my pair covered in Vetements x Reebok logos, or one that has "Grl" and "Pwr" embroidered on each sock. A favorite of mine, however, is no longer in my possession. The culprit? A laundry machine, of course.

I was staying at an Airbnb in London over the summer and decided to wash some clothes on my last day. As luck would have it, when I went to put everything away in my luggage, one of my clean socks was missing. Just one measly little sock. Gone! I was bummed because I looked everywhere for it: under the bed, around my luggage, inside the washer/dryer — twice, as well as the footpath from the laundry machine to my suitcase. Nothing. 

Once I left my Airbnb, I still had a few days left in London, which were spent at a hotel in a nearby neighborhood. I messaged the owner of the Airbnb about how a missing sock might appear somewhere in her flat. "I may have lost a sock at your place. It's white and says 'fuck' on the back," I wrote, adding a lighthearted "haha" at the end in hopes that she wouldn't get offended. Luckily, she wasn't — and she found the sock. (It had been in the washing machine this whole time!) "I'm just left wondering what the other sock said on it?!" said her reply. I responded to say that the other one says "off," and while the owner kindly offered to drop it off at the pub where I'd originally picked up my Airbnb keys, I felt a bit weird having to make the trek again just for one single sock. "You can toss it," I said with a slight pang of remorse.

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Long story short, these socks — emblazoned with a phrase that my parents probably don't approve of — would be a great replacement. And instead of just getting one single pair, I'll opt for the trusty two-pack. You know, just in case I plan on doing any laundry at another Airbnb in the future.

Mother Matched Women's Socks Mother F@cker, $40 for a 2-pack, available here.

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