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Steph Has Lived in These Athleisure Shorts All Summer

They're basically the 2018 version of my beloved early-aughts Soffes.
Outdoor Voices Rec Short, $50, available here. 

Outdoor Voices Rec Short, $50, available here

It probably wouldn't be an unrealistic estimate to say I spent roughly 90 percent of the summer months between 2001 and 2004 clothed in Soffe shorts. Those super-versatile, brightly colored summer camp staples were incredibly comfy and also lent themselves equally to both physical activity (choreographed dances to N*SYNC's "Dirty Pop"; color war events) and lounging (watching "Zoolander," the greatest film of its era, on repeat). And I've officially found my 2018 version in the form of the Outdoor Voices Rec Short.

Made from a lightweight nylon/spandex blend, these high-cut "mom shorts," as they were described by the lovely OV employee who sold them to me, are some of the comfiest workout bottoms I've encountered since my Soffe days. I've worn them all summer long during workouts, to the beach, while running weekend errands and, of course, while lounging at home. The quick-drying fabric and zippered pockets have come in handy for all of the aforementioned activities, and the fit is also really great. Unlike lots of other athletic shorts I've found to be either too baggy or too fitted, too short or too bunchy, this pair is cut perfectly for me — it honestly seems like these were made using me, personally, as a fit model. (I've basically never felt that way with any other item of clothing, ever.) 

Outdoor Voices Rec Short, $50, available here.

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