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We are looking for highly organized, motivated, and outgoing women to add to our Queen VIP girl gang!

Queen V is seeking college students to join their Queen VIP brand ambassador program! The ideal Queen VIP is a natural leader with an innate love for feminine wellness.
The Queen V-IP brand ambassador program offers an exclusive opportunity for college women to be part of an amazing marketing program that aims to promote and increase awareness of the brand. Queen V was founded with the mission to encourage women to take charge of their health, de-stigmatize the word "vagina", inspire feminine confidence, and form a united community. Our brand’s mission remains the same when it comes to our brand ambassador program! 

To qualify for our VIP program you must:

  • Be highly skilled at time management as this is a remote position
  • Be available for a full semester (3 month commitment)
  • Must be currently enrolled as a college student
    (note: this is a paid opportunity) 
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As a Queen VIP you will participate in a variety of marketing opportunities. These assignments include but are not limited to hosting “Girls Night In” parties with your girlfriends, handing out Queen V swag and samples on campus, bathroom mirror “You Are A Queen” post-it campaigns, handing out Queen V referral codes on campus, helping to organize a Queen V sponsored Girl Power Rally on campus which involves taking charge of outreach, securing venue, organizing interview questions, and more.

To apply: Please submit your resume, and Instagram handle to Subject: Queen VIP - (name) - (school name)