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21 Anklets That Will Convince You to Actually Wear an Anklet

Give 'em a try!
Anklets. Photo: @arielgordonjewelry/Instagram

Anklets. Photo: @arielgordonjewelry/Instagram

Remember anklets? Chances are you wore them as a kid, most likely made with some sort of seashell and specifically on family beach vacations. Or maybe you rocked one of those tattoo-style ones back in high school. And if you're like me, you think about Nicole Richie's permanent anklet — a tattoo rosary — a lot.

Throwback fashion memories aside, the '90s-era ankle bracelet has gone through a stylish makeover these past few decades. With the help of the delicate, dainty jewelry trend, the humble accessory has upgraded to versatile chains accented with colored gems, pearls or diamonds. Some have more of a summer vibe, like one made from bright thread and tassels, while others — covered in rows of rhinestones — are more fit for a night out and paired with heels. No matter what type of style you're drawn to, it's time to take advantage of your ankles' prime sartorial real estate before they're all bundled up for fall and winter.

In the gallery below, we present to you 21 anklets that will convince you to actually wear an anklet. Thank us later when you end up liking it, too.

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