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21 Easy-to-Slip-On Sneakers Because Life Is Hard

Who wants to deal with laces?
Kit Keenan in Vans slip-on sneakers. Photo: @freepeople/Instagram

Kit Keenan in Vans slip-on sneakers. Photo: @freepeople/Instagram

As sneakers continue to become a top-choice among comfortable shoes for women, the sporty shoe type has gone through a number of trends over the years. One of which is the ugly aesthetic, complete with a chunky sole and possibly donning the Skechers or New Balance logo. But like any style, the sartorial pendulum will make its way to the other side. After all, before the absolute-unit Balenciaga Triple-S, there was the humble Adidas Stan Smith.

So hear us out on the next potential sneaker wave: slip-ons. The most obvious choice is a pair by Vans, adorned with its signature checkerboard motif. We're already starting to see a few of our favorite influencers bringing this shoe back into their #ootd rotation, and a slew of other designers have been churning out their versions of the slip-on sneaker, too. Perhaps we can call out the popular sock sneaker (another Balenciaga joint) for tailoring our tastes towards laceless shoes? Regardless, slip-on sneakers are making a comeback and we're here for it. If you're on board, too, then shop 21 of our favorite pairs of slip-on sneakers in the gallery below.

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