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Hey, Quick Question: Is Slime Green Officially the Cool Color Du Jour?

The next unavoidable color trend might be the neon shade best known for its presence in kids' television programming, sewage and science experiments.
Kim Kardashian in slime green and Kanye West in Louis Vuitton at 2 Chainz's wedding. Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Kim Kardashian in slime green and Kanye West in Louis Vuitton at 2 Chainz's wedding. Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

In recent years, consumers, marketers and designers have latched onto certain color palettes that quickly become ubiquitous — from interior spaces to product branding and clothing and accessories to beauty trends, ranging from hair dyes to nail polishes. As we are now firmly in the latter half of 2018, it's only natural that a new dominant shade is beginning to rear its head. But what comes after our beloved millennial pink, cheery Gen Z yellow, moody "melodramatic purple" (aka lavender) and apocalypse-ready safety orange? Well, if tastemakers like Kim Kardashian West, SZA and Fashionista's personal favorite Instagram darling Reese Blutstein are any indication, we suggest you prepare yourselves for some good ol' slime.

The evidence is impossible to deny: There's the curve-hugging slime-green Versace dress Kardashian West wore to 2 Chainz's wedding in Miami over the weekend (where she later debuted a matching wig); SZA's brand-new, super-long neon green hair; Blake Lively's shocking Versace suit that came in the same shade as Slimer from "Ghostbusters"; and twin DJs Simi and Haze dip-dying their blunt bobs to reveal neon green tips.

Elsewhere on Instagram, a quick search of the #slimegreen tag will lead you to pages and pages of style enthusiasts experimenting with the hue. While it's not exactly flattering, it's fun as hell, and will surely grab onlookers' attention (as well as a significant stream of likes).

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If you're not the type to risk frying your hair to achieve the "It" girl dye job du jour, it's an easy color to incorporate on your nails with a carefully chosen polish, in your wardrobe or with some strategic accessories — we suggest a handbag, a hat or some neon shoes.

Plus, the severe, sci-fi color can still look perfectly sweet, as seen on Opening Ceremony staffer Michelle Salem (above), wearing a classic gingham dress in a slime green fabrication.

This look is not for the faint of heart, and it may seem like just another flash-in-the-pan trend at which you'll look back on a few months down the road and cringe. But the continuously mounting proof speaks for itself: For the cool kids on the fashion scene, it's slime time. We suggest you pump yourself up by cranking Young Thug's latest masterpiece "Slime Language" and get to shopping. Fashion Month is just a couple of weeks away, after all.

Homepage photo: Versace Men's Spring 2019. Photo: Imaxtree

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