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Why Does Whitney Love Amorphously-Shaped Clothing So Much?

I want to add this breezy piece to my collection.
Nona cocoon shirt, $52, available here.

Nona cocoon shirt, $52, available here.

Do you have an item of clothing you wear so frequently that anything that reminds you of it seems like a worthwhile purchase? For me, one of those pieces is a gray cocoon dress that I got from a thrift store in the Philippines. It's billowy and weird and what my mom would describe as "shapeless" (which really just means that its shape doesn't hug my body's shape) and kind of reminds me of Rick Owens

That dress is what I was reminded of when I first saw this top from ethical fashion favorite The Summer House. Though TSH's take on the cocoon is a little more structured with a button-up front, a collar and actual sleeves, the voluminous, drape-y fit is similar enough to my beloved dress that I think I'd get just as much use out of it. And though I'm short enough that I'd probably wear it alone, the styling on the brand's website makes a good case for wearing it as a top over pants, too — a nice option to have once New York starts to inch toward fall. 

Nona cocoon shirt, $52, available here.

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