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Urban Decay Is Discontinuing Its Insanely Popular Naked Palette for Some Reason

The brand has sold over 30 million (!) of these babies since 2010.
Photo: Urban Decay

Photo: Urban Decay

In a time when Kim Kardashian is sending out 20-pound chocolate hearts to draw attention to her makeup line, brands are getting pretty desperate when it comes to standing out amidst all the clutter on the extremely crowded beauty shelves. So in an undeniably strange move, Urban Decay announced on Thursday that it would be discontinuing its best-selling hero product, the Naked Palette, for... some reason. Since its launch eight years ago, the brand has sold 30 million units of the original eye-shadow palette — and has brought in a whopping $1 billion (yes, that's billion with a b) from the accompanying franchise of lipsticks, foundations, highlighters, bronzers and the many more palettes it spawned.

The company is really leaning into the opportunity to turn the palette's discontinuation into a publicity stunt, dropping a highly produced (and weirdly sexual?) YouTube video featuring Nicole Richie and a crew of beauty influencers attending a "funeral" for it. "Everyone has tried to copy you, but no one has been able to capture your true essence," says Richie dramatically in the short.

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Urban Decay is now offering the palette for a discounted price of $27 (it normally retails for $54) on its website until inventory runs out permanently. "All good things must come to an end... Get the original Naked Palette now before it's gone for good," an ominous tagline reads on the brand's homepage. 

The real question here is: Why? Has the world simply become so saturated with Naked palettes that the market for them has disappeared? Are there too many knockoff versions retailing for a fraction of the price? Is the brand just, like, sick of making all that money? Or is it all just one big April Fool's-style fake-out we'll be rolling our eyes at in a month? Very curious, indeed.

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