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How Did Everlane Know Dhani Needed a Lavender Sweatshirt?

In this exact shape, no less.
Everlane oversized fleece crew, $45, available here.

Everlane oversized fleece crew, $45, available here.

Many of the places we shop know more about us than we think. They're collecting data and feedback left and right to inform their decisions when it comes to inventory, marketing, design and more. One of such retailers is Everlane: The Silicon Valley-founded apparel company prides itself on its innovative approach to operating. It definitely uses data and feedback to inform which everyday wardrobe staples it releases and in what quantities. But I've never felt like it was literally reading my mind until recently.

For a while, I've been obsessed with finding a slightly cropped, thick, crewneck sweatshirt in lavender. I've discussed it with friends, saved inspiration photos on Instagram and searched Google, to no avail. Then one day, I was browsing new arrivals on Everlane, and there it was.

That Everlane released a sweatshirt with this shape isn't too surprising — it's a pretty popular look right now — but the fact that it did one in lavender creeps me out just a little as it doesn't seem like the most obvious color choice. But if Everlane is *Pauly D voice* stalking my whole entire life, it only stands to benefit me and my wardrobe. So, carry on, I guess.

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Everlane oversized fleece crew, $45, available here.

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