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Good American 'Invents' Size 15 to Solve Fit Issues

A good example of a brand actually listening to customer feedback, and responding.
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Good Curve. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

Good Curve. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

Before it became an industry-wide movement, size inclusivity was Good American's "thing." Since Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede launched the line in 2016, they made sure to cover both ends of the size spectrum from 00 to 24, but as they've recently learned, there were some people in between whom they were missing.

Since launching, the brand saw 50 percent more returns of sizes 14 and 16 than of any other size. According to the brand, that wasn't just a Good American problem, and in fact there's an industry-wide discrepancy between sizes 14 and 16 that has long frustrated shoppers everywhere. So, after months of research and focus groups, Good American has "invented" a new size — 15 — to bridge that gap.

The size is available on Thursday here with the debut of a new collection called Good Curve. Developed directly from customer feedback, the brand describes it as the "ultimate balancing jean." It features the brand's highest rise yet and additional lining in the waist to "accentuate the mid section."

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Good Curve. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

Good Curve. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

The move shows that the brand is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to its size-inclusive and customer-centric ethos. It's one thing to launch with an extensive size range (or shade range, if we're talking beauty), but it's another thing to continue to improve upon that even after finding success. Other brands and retailers should take note. In today's turbulent retail landscape, listening to customer feedback and responding in a real way is undeniably a smart way to do business. And publicizing it with a blast to press outlets like ours probably wasn't a bad idea either!

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