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Maura's Itty-Bitty Pouch Wallet That's Perfect for Itty-Bitty Handbags

Just in time for New York Fashion Week!
Madewell leather pouch wallet, $29.50, available here.

Madewell leather pouch wallet, $29.50, available here.

Have you heard about these things called "micro-bags?" I guess you probably have if you're reading a fashion website, but I only just recently came across their correct name, which are, obviously, "micro-bags." They're those tiny, itty-bitty handbags that fit nothing more than, basically, a single credit card, a single dollar bill and a single tube of lipstick. Forget keys! They don't fit in Jacquemus's "Le Sac Chiquito," which is entirely impractical and yet I want compulsively. How would I get back into my house without keys, my super-ego asks? WHO CARES, my id answers!

Anyway, micro-bags are "in" right now, as far as I can tell, but something like the Jacquemus variety may be too micro for me. Something "mini," though, is something with which I can get more on board.

I have a couple "mini-bags" I've accumulated over the years, but I've never known what to do with my single credit card, single dollar bill and single tube of lipstick (and a few other things, like keys, that fit in a vehicle several square inches larger than Jacquemus's Le Sac Chiquito). I ordered this Madewell leather pouch recently for that purpose, and it does a great job of storing all the important wallet stuff in an organized manner. HELLO, the interior is lined with pockets! Perhaps one day I'll be brave enough to graduate from "mini"- to "micro"-sized bags, but until then, Madewell's got my back. And my keys.

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Madewell leather pouch wallet, $29.50, available here.

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