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Will This Colorful Sweater Be Whitney's First Fall Purchase?

Retro and oh-so-comfy.
Mara Hoffman Avery sweater, $394, available here

Mara Hoffman Avery sweater, $394, available here

I'm not trying to wish the hot weather out of New York any quicker than nature demands, which I recognize maybe makes me a party of one in this city. I grew up in the tropics and loved it, which means that even when the atmosphere here is at its hottest and soggiest, I may complain about sweating through my clothes but deep down it kind of just reminds me of home. That said, I'm still finding myself starting to think about fall clothing, maybe because the arrival of fashion week feels like it should coincide with cooler weather. 

And when temperatures do start to drop, I know I'm going to run into the issue I encounter almost every year, which is that I don't really own an adequate supply of cute, casual sweaters to get me through until spring. So I'm wondering if this Mara Hoffman number — which I love for its funky, old-school color blocking and roomy shape — might be a worthwhile addition to my closet. Here's hoping we actually get enough true fall weather this year to make wearing cotton sweaters a reasonable proposition before we jump into the wool-only depths of winter.

Mara Hoffman Avery sweater, $394, available here

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