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The '60s-Style Patent Ankle Boots That Will Punch Up Maura's Fall Wardrobe

M.Gemi "The Corsa" in wine, $398, available here.

M.Gemi "The Corsa" in wine, $398, available here.

I watched all seven seasons of "Mad Men" when they were first on the air, but over the last few months, I've begun re-watching the series all the way through again. And while some of the plot points, especially in the earlier seasons, have felt brand-new the second time around, I've found myself almost more excited by the costumes (courtesy of Janie Bryant) and how well the styles of that era have held up. The prim, candy-colored cigarette pants on Betty! The swingy, pleated skirts on Peggy! Even the girlish dresses on Sally!

The accessories, too, have been on my mind — all those sturdy, small-sized top-handle bags! — which explains why I lurched at these '60s-style ankle boots from M.Gemi. The direct-to-consumer luxury footwear brand included these, its signature Corsa boot, in a recent drop for its signature Naplak, a crinkled, wet-looking patent leather. I already own a pair of Corsa boots (in black suede), and they're about as dreamy as it gets; I wouldn't mind swooping up another pair, especially one as fun (and autumnal!!!!) as these. I also think, per video evidence, Megan Calvet/Draper would enjoy them, and that's just groovy.

M.Gemi "The Corsa" in wine, $398, available here.

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