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Steph Ditched Her Old Electric Toothbrush for This Pretty New One

But it's not just pretty — it's also super innovative.
Boka Brush Sonic Powered Toothbrush, $75, available here.

Boka Brush Sonic Powered Toothbrush, $75, available here.

I've apparently been on something of a dental hygiene kick lately: I recently wrote about the floss I'm obsessed with, and now I'm back again to rave about the Boka Brush, which I received in a mailing from the brand have now been using for the last few weeks. A rechargeable electric toothbrush that uses sonic vibrations to get teeth squeaky-clean, it also has a few extra bells and whistles that set it apart from similar tools. 

First, it's pretty. The minimalist design is simple and sleek, and that goes for the charging base, too. It adds only a centimeter or so of extra width to the brush's diameter, meaning it doesn't take up an obnoxious amount of space on my bathroom counter. It also has three different vibrational speeds and a timer to make sure you're actually brushing for the proper length of time — plus, it pulses every 30 seconds as you brush to let you know to move on to a different section of your mouth so you don't miss a spot. The super-soft bristles are infused with activated charcoal to inhibit bacteria growth and one full charge keeps the brush going for around 25 days. It all makes for an impressive, pleasant brushing experience.

But what really made me a devotee of this tool is that the replacement brush heads cost only $5 a pop, a steal compared to others that cost around $15 each. Like any good millennial-targeted brand worth its weight in Instagram likes, Boka offers a subscription-based service that keeps you stocked in brush heads (or brush heads and toothpaste/floss, depending on the package you choose). Let's just say I'll probably be opting into it pretty soon.

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Boka Brush Sonic Powered Toothbrush, $75, available here.

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