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The Amazing-Smelling Hand Lotion Steph Uses When She's Feeling Fancy

It might be my all-time favorite Byredo scent.
Byredo Vetyver Hand Lotion, $70, available here. 

Byredo Vetyver Hand Lotion, $70, available here

It's that time of year where you (I) just want to be covered in a thick layer of moisturizer, head to toe, at all times. So it might as well smell really, really good. 

I recently wrote about my favorite good-smelling body cream, which I swear by and costs only $12 for a sizable 16.2-oz. bottle. This pick — Byredo's Vetyver Hand Lotion — is the total opposite of that. At $70 for a 15-oz. bottle, it's the product I turn to when I'm feeling a little extravagant. It's the one I have sitting out on display in my bathroom to impress my house guests and make them think that I'm ~fancy~. And you know what? When I use it, I am fancy. 

On the moisturization front, it's fairly standard, not-too-thick lotion that doesn't feel greasy. But the real saving grace of this product is its scent. It smells, in a word, amazing, and it's probably my favorite scent Byredo makes (despite not even being available in traditional spray-on perfume form).

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According to the brand, its aroma comes from top notes of angelica seeds and pomelo, mid notes of jasmine petals, mate, violet and a cashmeran base. It may be that my nose lacks the ability to pick up on each of those notes – and honestly, jasmine is usually one of my least-favorite perfume additions — but for whatever reason, none of those really come through individually. There are some faint powdery floral undertones, but to me, it's mostly earthy and mossy, in a super-inviting way — it's kind of ambiguous and thoroughly genderless (though I'd argue that any and all fragrance is genderless) in a similar way to Glossier You, my all-time favorite perfume

Bonus: It'll also make you a super popular guest if you bring it to someone as a host gift.

Byredo Vetyver Hand Lotion, $70, available here.

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