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Can You Believe Gucci Was Invented for Dakota Johnson to Wear on Red Carpets?

I know, it seems crazy, right? But it's true.
Dakota Johnson in Gucci at the U.K. premiere of 'Suspiria.' Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Dakota Johnson in Gucci at the U.K. premiere of 'Suspiria.' Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Here at Fashionista, we've long made the case that there is no better pairing than Harry Styles and Gucci, and before I get into my main point today, I would just like to be clear that I stand by this position and I will defend it to the death.

But, running corollary to that opinion is this other indisputable fact: Gucci was originally invented so that Dakota Johnson could have something to wear on red carpets. It's just true! Celebrity and fashion house pairings don't always go so well — and I'm not saying I'm talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, but I'm not not talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Dior — but Dakota Johnson and Gucci are a dream team. Think of Johnson in a trompe l'oeil pink dress on "The Tonight Show," in a garden party-worthy frock at a Gucci event, in a black, frothy gown at the 2017 Met Gala — all Gucci moments! Name a more iconic duo (other than Harry Styles and Gucci, please see above). Go ahead, I'll wait.

Anyway, I say all this to get to the latest Dakota Johnson and Gucci dream team moment, which occurred Tuesday evening at the U.K. premiere of "Suspiria," a movie I regret to inform you I will not be seeing because it is too spooky. Johnson's longtime stylist Kate Young picked this absolutely stunning Gucci number for the occasion: A sparkly silver, sequined, strapless gown featuring delicate tulle layers, an elegant train, a trompe l'oeil bow at the waist, as well as trompe l'oeil ruching at the bustline. I mean!! You're telling me this look wasn't pulled from Alessandro Michele's incredible brain specifically so that Johnson could wear it to this very occasion? Get outta my face with that attitude!!!

With all that shimmer going on, Young kept the rest of the look simple, skipping any accessories, leaving Johnson's hair down (and the bangs are back again, baby!) and her face fairly neutral, with only a pop of red on her nails. Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, etc.

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I know that, when you think about it, it seems sort of insane for me to essentially say that Guccio Gucci founded the company all the back in 1921, and then Alessandro Michele conceived of and designed collections for the brand, all explicitly for the purpose of giving Dakota Johnson things to wear on red carpets in this, the Year of our Lord 2018 — but really, doesn't life work in mysterious ways?

So really, ipso facto, we have Dakota Johnson to thank for #Harry4Gucci. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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