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The Leopard Print Skirt That's Going to Liven Up Tyler's Winter Wardrobe

It's time to banish the all-black color palette.
J.Crew pleated leopard midi skirt, $118, available here.

J.Crew pleated leopard midi skirt, $118, available here.

As temperatures drop (don't shoot the messenger here, that's just what is happening meteorologically!), I find that my wardrobe goes from bright to dark in no time flat. That's fine — I love deep jewel tones and classic shades of navy and hunter greens — but what it ends up meaning, mostly, is an all-black palette from around November until March. 

No disrespect to people who love to wear all black, but that's just boring! It also leaves me feeling depressed by the end of winter, which is why I'm spending these first few cool weeks stocking up on pieces which will help me break up all that darkness. One of my first picks? This leopard print midi skirt from J.Crew, which will blend in seamlessly with black tights and a black turtleneck, but would also pair just as perfectly with, say, a ballet pink sweater and an olive-green headband

J.Crew pleated leopard midi skirt, $118, available here.

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