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The Gold, Dome-Shaped Ring Maria Will Be Wearing on Her Pinky

I'm swapping it with my signet ring.
Mejuri Dôme Pinky Ring, $59, available here.

Mejuri Dôme Pinky Ring, $59, available here.

I don't exactly remember when I started wearing the gold signet ring on my pinky but I know that I haven't taken it off since. That is, until I get this a brand ring from Mejuri, Toronto-based, direct-to-consumer jewelry brand, in the next week or so. 

The series of events that brought me to my new purchase went like this: During New York Fashion Week, I spotted a fellow showgoer wearing a bauble-like, statement ring on her pinky. I think it was silver (or maybe gold) and I couldn't take my eyes off of the shiny metallic thing. Shortly after, I made a mental note to find something similar — and at a reasonable price point. A few online searches later, I was on Mejuri's website, buying not just one, but two, new rings from its collection of gold vermeil jewelry. (Each rang in under $100.) I used its trusty sizing system — measuring a piece of paper that I wrapped around my finger and referring to its conversion chart — to figure out what size to choose and then confirmed my order. Easy.

Once the gold, dome-shaped ring arrives, I'll be swapping it with my signet ring, which I've worn on my left pinky for so long that it's developed its own tan line. But don't worry, my years-old ring will still get some love. I'll be moving it to my right hand instead.

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Mejuri Dôme Pinky Ring, $59, available here.

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