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Maura's New Favorite Patagonia Hoodie Is Made Using Exactly 14.9 Plastic Bottles

It saves 184 gallons of water versus your conventional cotton sweatshirt.
Patagonia Women's Pastel P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoody, $79, available here.

Patagonia Women's Pastel P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoody, $79, available here.

There are a lot of reasons why I love Patagonia. I've written about some of them here, and also here. (Not included in previous reporting: I once ate the yummiest tofu stir fry from the cafeteria on their Ventura, Calif. campus.) As I write more and more about fashion, I've become increasingly conscious of how the fashion I write about affects the planet, be it positively or, in a vast majority of cases, negatively. Patagonia is one of those brands that really does put its money where its mouth is, and also lets its consumers know what kind of sustainable impact their individual purchases are making.

Take this hooded sweatshirt, which a) I want, and b) is objectively cozy and stylish alone, without all the sustainability bells and whistles. On the Patagonia website, on which I often find myself lurking, you learn that this hoodie is made from 95 recycled materials, including 14.9 plastic bottles and .82 pounds of cotton scraps; it saves 184 gallons of water as compared to a conventional cotton sweatshirt. In the interest of reducing my own clothing waste (which is also very much up Patagonia's alley), I may not even buy it because I don't exactly need another hooded sweatshirt in my closet. But if I do end up adding it to my shopping cart, I know I can feel good about it.

Patagonia Women's Pastel P-6 Logo Uprisal Hoody, $79, available here.

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