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17 of the Highest-Waisted Jeans We've Ever Seen

For when the humble high-rise just doesn't cut it.
Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Something we at Fashionista recently learned is that there exists a category of denim called "super-high-waisted" jeans. No, not the humble "high-rise" cut of wedgie-inducing pants — something even taller, with even more stitches or buttons up the fly. If you thought your tried-and-true, merely high-waisted jeans buckled you in thanks to the extra inch(es) of front rise, you, like us, were sorely mistaken. 

Just wait until you try the super-high-waisted variety, which essentially hits at or above your belly button and gives any pair of denim that specifically groovy, '70s appeal. So what do you say, want to buckle in and take them for a test drive? Click through the gallery below for 17 of our favorite super-high-waisted jeans, all available to shop now. 

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