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This Is the Best Hand Sanitizer, as Far as Steph Is Concerned

And now is probably a good time to stock up.
The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizier Spray, $2.99, available here.

The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizier Spray, $2.99, available here.

There's really no time of year when you shouldn't be using hand sanitizer — especially if you, like me, live in New York City and come into contact with an unthinkable number of germs via the Subway or even the door handle to get into your office building (yes, these are things I spend time thinking about). But now that cold and flu season is officially upon us (reminder: go get your flu shot!), it's all the more reason to stock up. 

So you might as well stock up on a good one that's actually pleasant to use, like The Honest Co.'s version. It's plant-based and hypoallergenic, and I've found that it definitely doesn't dry out my hands as much as other formulas can. That's probably because this one (while, yes, being made mostly of alcohol) also includes aloe and glycerin to help moisturize. Also unlike most other hand sanitizers, it doesn't smell like straight-up vodka. I'm partial to the Lavender and Grapefruit scents, but there's also an unscented version (which, full disclosure, may smell like vodka — I haven't tried it).

Because the liquid sanitizer comes in a spray bottle, it's ultra-quick and convenient to use: just a few spritzes, massage it around a little and enjoy the momentary aromatherapeutic lift, and that's it. 

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Now if only I could find a way to subtly give some to everyone who rides my Subway or uses the door handle to get into my office building...

The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizier Spray, $2.99, available here.

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