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Kris Jenner Would Love to Have Her Own Fashion Line in the 'Near Future'

At the "Vogue" Forces of Fashion conference, the Momager™ filled us in on how she manages her family of influencers and entrepreneurs.
Sally Singer with Kris Jenner at Vogue's Forces of Fashion. Photo: Corey Tenold/Vogue

Sally Singer with Kris Jenner at Vogue's Forces of Fashion. Photo: Corey Tenold/Vogue

She's the business-savvy mastermind behind her daughters' projects KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, and the 15-year-strong reality series "Keeping Up the Kardashians," but will Kris Jenner ever launch a fashion or beauty brand of her own? At the Vogue Forces of Fashion conference on Thursday in New York City, Sally Singer asked Jenner this very question, bringing up the (profitable) point that Jenner has "positioned [herself] as a woman to speak on the wellness needs of women of a certain age," to which the 62-year-old mother of six responded, "Menopause is a bitch. Let me start with that."

"I would love to do something in the near future," admitted Jenner. "I really am thinking about it." She revealed that all of her inspiration, as well as her love of fashion, came from her 84-year-old mother, Mary Jo, who she claimed "will never walk out of the house not done from head to toe."

It sounds like there's a good chance that brand will be in the fashion space: "She taught me to put your best foot forward, always look your best," explained Jenner. "I just want to pass that down to women everywhere and remind everybody that we're here because fashion is exciting and it's fresh and fun. … I have a better day if I feel like I'm looking my best and trying to feel my best from the inside out."

But until she gets to work on her own company, the Momager™ has a family of influencers and entrepreneursKourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie — to keep her busy with projects spanning beauty and fashion businesses, collaborations and campaigns, philanthropy work and resolving the public snafus that more-than-occasionally occur. "I'm a fireman," said Jenner. "All I do all day long is put out fires. For real. It's wild." She also revealed that she gets a lot done during her early mornings, which start at either 4 or 5 a.m. (!)

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Of course, Jenner gives credit to surrounding herself with a good team of people (who arrive to work at the "civilized" time of 8 a.m.) for her busy-but-productive schedule. "I'm not the easiest person to work for. I'm not going to lie," says the self-proclaimed perfectionist. What motivates Jenner the most is that she's creating something that her kids will have for the rest of their lives: "to work on something and be career-minded; instead of just doing this or that," she said.

When it comes to Kim and Kylie's beauty brands, Jenner is mainly responsible for the business side while her kids handle the creative aspect. "I just let them do their thing and I think that instinctively, they always landed on their feet, which I'm thrilled for that," she said. "They know what they're doing, so I try to stay out of that 'what color they're doing' process and focus on the business."

As for deciding what projects to pursue for daughters and son, Jenner makes sure it's something that really resonates with them. "If you do something that you're genuinely passionate about, then it's so easy to create content and build a brand," she explained. "You're so excited to get something off the ground that it doesn't feel like a struggle or you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You're really doing something that you love and it just comes easy."

And if you think Jenner's work is close to done, think again. "I would love for all of our different brands from our family to be global. I'm looking for global domination for sure," she said with a laugh. "Dream big."

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