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Alexander Wang's First Campaign Post-Rebrand Is All About Subversive Americana

These aren't the jocks, cheerleaders, bikers and pageant girls of your youth.
Photo: Brianna Capozzi/Courtesy of Alexander Wang

Photo: Brianna Capozzi/Courtesy of Alexander Wang

Back in June, Alexander Wang debuted a bold rebrand of his eponymous company with a runway show, a new logo and an official move from the traditional delivery schedule to a more modern, hype-driven drop model — something that's proven to be quite successful for his ongoing collaborations with Adidas. With all of this change, Wang decided to dig into his personal history for Collection 1, particularly his experiences growing up as a first-generation Chinese American and viewing U.S. pop culture through an immigrant's lens. The clothing incorporated stereotypical Americana in the form of bandanas, football jerseys, denim, Harley-Davidson-inspired leathers, flannels and patriotic stars and stripes. The personalities portrayed — bikers, cowboys, jocks, wealthy ladies of leisure — were mixed in with homages to his family roots, particularly bootleg-style "Chinatown" merch and Chinoiserie accents. 

It's been just under six months since Wang took off in a new direction, meaning that Drop 1 of Collection 1 will be hitting stores in the days ahead. To coincide with the release, the brand unveiled its first post-rebrand ad campaign, which is all about subversive Americana. From Anna Ewers and Binx Walton starring as a high school cheerleader and football player, to a too-cool pageant girl who pairs her crown and tight curls with a shiny fanny pack, these aren't the sentimental characters that are the stuff of John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen songs. It's a look into a much more modern version of American youth culture — something that Wang's been a genius at tapping into since day one. 

See every photo from Alexander Wang's Collection 1, Drop 1 campaign below, and stay tuned for the forthcoming campaigns that will accompany future drops.

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