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When Will Programmatic Jewelry Ads Stop Targeting Tyler So Perfectly?

The robots are getting too smart!!!
Dannijo "Chantel" earrings, $245, available here.

Dannijo "Chantel" earrings, $245, available here.

This morning, I did what I always do when I wake up: I rolled over and immediately checked social media on my phone. It's really healthy, I know!!! Anyway, what I saw there horrified me — and in a totally different way than checking social media first thing in the morning typically horrifies me. There, in my programmatic Facebook ads, were these Dannijo earrings.

It's a well-documented fact that when it comes to style, I reliably like the following things: Bows, sparkle and statement earrings. And here are all those things distilled into one style, sent straight to my eyeballs courtesy of a sophisticated algorithm. The future is bad, guys!!! The robots are getting too smart and they're going to overrun our society one day. But I guess shout out to this particular robot for pointing me towards these perfect earrings.

Dannijo "Chantel" earrings, $245, available here.

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